Finish the Mission is a 6-lesson missions primer covering the areas of God’s Word of Commission, God’s world in crisis, God’s work of the cross, and God’s way of using the church to finish His mission. It can be used and studied alone or utilized in small group settings with discussion, diagrams, Q&A, reading, and bible studies provided. It serves as a sequel or follow-up to Window to the World.  

START funding the family business is a comprehensive training packet for funding full-time Christian workers with prayer and financial partnership teams.  The 100-page manual includes five sections on Supporter Preface and Paradigms, Supporter Perspective, Supporter Principles, Supporter Process, and Supporter Preservation.   The manual includes studies, discussion, video, readings, and lecture completed during a START workshop.  Contact by email below to schedule.

Funding your short-term trip with long-term vision is a quick-read combined with discussion questions, bible studies, and video lessons ( to equip a short-term teamor member with a biblical basis and entire framework for the funding process from initial contact to vested supporter. This study emphasizes the raising of support, but from a perspective of how toraise long-term vision from those who join your team.  Draft copies available.

Window to the World is a missions short-book outlining and providing commentary on the top-100 stats that should shake any Christians worldview.  Each of the top 100 stats comes from chapters on world religions, world evangelization, refugees, poverty, and Christian giving, etc.  The book ends with three chapters on how and why a Christian ought to respond.  This book is a great introduction to the state of the world and God’s Commission of every believer to care and act.  The book ends with a mobilization diagram and 4-part bible study that sums up the book.  
Luke, the Gospel is a pocket-sized give-away bible translation of the gospel of Luke with side notes and interspersed bible studies to aid a reader’s understanding.  The Bibleismeantto introduce friends and family to Jesus through a gospel account and also equip a believer with a tool for learning how to do one-to-one bible reading with another. istheaccompanying website which offers additional resources.  
The Easter Question is a give-away book for introducing friends and family to the birth, life, and death of Jesus during the Easter season. The book provides introduction material on theEaster story and the story of Jesus from a historical standpoint before leading into an included translation of the gospel of Luke with side notes and commentary to give a new reader more context andunderstanding. The book ends with a short chapter of response and proofs for the resurrection. is accompanying website to pass the information and invite others toconsider Jesus electronically.  


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