Jesus said, "Go." As the church, we must have heads, hearts, and hands that are intent on moving outward - both locally and globally.  GO training will give you a window into a world in need.

Jesus said, "Make."  As disciples of Christ our aim is to evangelize and mature disciples who will multiply their lives into others.   MAKE training will teach you how to make disciples who make disciples.  

Jesus said, "Send." He intended the Great Commission to reproduce itself generationally through a team of both senders and goers.  SEND training will help you support and send more.   


Why we Leave is a 5 chapter missional autobiography that captures the story of mission as learned and lived out in real life.  Each chapter is a quick read that uses stories, experiences, and lessons to take our hearts and heads overseas by reminding us that Christianity, especially mission, is characterized by leaving:

  • Let us leave because God left for us.
  • Let us leave because we can. 
  • Let us leave because so few do.
  • Let us a leave a legacy of leaving disciples.
  • Let us leave because that's what Christians do.

Worldviews is a short booklet of full-color maps and stats that give the reader a visual experience of the current global landscape. Each map features country by country color-coded measurements and additional statistics and country specific numbers.  Maps can be downloaded and used electoncially or for print purposes and include maps showing:

  • most populous countries and spread of global Christianity
  • geographical distribution of each the world religions
  • rapid urbanization of the world's global cities
  • current concentration of the most gospel-deprived areas
  • locations of the world's missionaries or lack thereof 



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